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Sand and Waves
Area 207 sq.m.

Project year 2023
Implementation stage

The color palette is like the blue-green shades of the sea, which are scattered in splashes on the golden sand. Perhaps this happened subconsciously because the house is located in Gdansk, although we did not set such a task when creating the project. 

But the resulting image evokes such pleasant associations.

A cozy and spacious home for a family. This is a story about a comfortable and beautiful interior, about stylish solutions, but ones that will be relevant over time.

The basis of the interior is built on natural and warm shades; the pleasant textures of travertine will always be timeless; it is an excellent alternative to marble. They are harmoniously combined with natural wood and the soft texture of decorative plaster, and accents are set by the play of light on structured glass and relief panels, and combinations of deep blue and green shades complement the whole picture.
Also, there are soft irregular geometric shapes in the interior that can be seen in different rooms and connect the entire house with a common concept, emphasizing the atmosphere of comfort.

The spacious bathrooms with a window, located on the 2nd floor, deserve special attention. Bathrooms here are not just functional rooms, but full-fledged rooms where you can relax and unwind in the evening or start the day with morning rituals in a beautiful interior.

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