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Simple and Green
Powierzchnia całkowita 85 mkw.

Rok projektu 2023

Na etapie realizacji

Stylish and functional interior of the apartment in Wroclaw.

The project turned out to be quite minimalistic, while clean lines and laconic forms do not look boring at all. We chose a base in neutral colors and diluted it with contrasting shades in the furniture.

The main point of attraction in this interior is the spacious kitchen-living-dining room. The dining area by the window will be a special place for cozy dinners or a perfect place to play board games and talk with guests.

We did not have the opportunity to remodel this apartment and change the location of the walls, so some rooms were not the easiest task due to the compact area. We managed to find a compromise solution and even small rooms turned out to be as functional as possible. The entrance to the bedroom was on the central part of the main wall in the living room, but we decided to disguise it with veneer panels, and their continuation became a stylish cabinet for books, board games, and personal belongings.

Sometimes not the most successful planning features lead to more interesting solutions. In our opinion, this is the designer’s task: to create an aesthetic and functional interior despite any input data.

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