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The most important thing for us in interior design is the person.

Of course, we remember all the standards of ergonomics,

finishing materials and that the implementation has a budget.


But now is not about that.

Each interior is unique – it has a history and a soul.

Your personal history or the history of your family.


This is a story about big table for a family in which only two.

And it’s not weird, it’s a necessity, because you love soulful

meetings with friends.

And you have 2 dressing rooms or large closets because you're

just crazy about travel, winter sports and summer cycling but

not because you buy everything you see around.

These things are a part of you, that's why it founds a place in your home.


Or maybe you are a family with children,

but you don’t need to clutter up the kitchen and living room

a huge table in case of the arrival of all relatives,  because you like to get out

to such meetings with loved ones in new places in the city

or to go camping, besides you have a cozy country house.


Someone runs from the gray colors of the city  to the colorful interior

of his own house,  his personal island of bright memories about

warm countries and emotions. 

And someone is just tired of active communication every day,

bright advertising banners on the way to work and fuss around him,

this person just wants to melt at home in a calm and relaxing interior.


What will your story be like?

Perhaps you do not know the answer to this question, and you do not need to.

You can share with us your habits, precious moments of your time and lifestyle, and we will help you to realize it in the house, which will be a reflection of your soul.

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