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Structure of the design project



The project includes:


-Measurement plan

-Plan for the dismantling of walls

- Plan of installation of new walls

-Planning solution


-3D renderings

- List of finishing materials,

furniture and lighting


without specifying volumes and quantities

The project includes:


-Measurement plan

-Plan for the dismantling of structures

- Plan of installation of structures

-Planning solution


-3D renderings 


- Plan of floors and ceilings with explication of materials

-Plumbing schemes

-Plans of placement of sockets and switches

- Underfloor heating plan

-Plan of placement of lighting equipment and electrical outlets

- Wall finishing plan

-Scan walls by room

-Schemes of furniture in particularly difficult places

- List of fine finishing materials 

indicating the volume and quantity

- Specification of furniture, electrical equipment and content of the project,

indicating the volume and quantity




We are always open to discuss the cost of the project for each case, so if you like our design - feel free to contact us, we appreciate the individual approach.


Additional services 

For a more complete immersion and understanding of your future interior, you can add to the project:


-3D interior panoramas

- Animated lighting scenario (short video)


When an object is at the implementation stage, we can offer:

 -Selection of decor

-Support during implementation (can be discussed depending on the format and location of the object)

- Visits to the salon for the selection of materials, furniture and textiles


A consultation will not replace a full design project, but if you need help with a specific issue (sketch layout, selection of textiles,

solution of a color scheme or choose a decor, etc.), we will help you in these matters.


Online format available.

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