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We believe that an interior designer is not just a person who draws a furniture plan and then adds colors to it.


We will ask you about your habits and lifestyle, about how your tastes are similar to others members of your family, and where you need to find a compromise between different preferences.


We will work with you for several months to create the interior of your home for many years to come.

Therefore, we believe that for a pleasant long-term work, we must feel comfortable atmosphere and between us should be mutual understanding.

Let's share with you the stages of our work:

1) Acquaintance.

It can be either a personal meeting or an online format. 

We will talk about the process and conditions of work, discuss the structure of the design project.

We will try to reveal the principles of our work on space, look at the initial data of your future interior. We will be happy to listen to your thoughts and wishes and see the references. We will orient you on the terms and budget for the project. ​


2) Signing the contract (can be combined with a meeting for measurements) ​


3) We are working on the questionnaire and studying your references,

in order to understand more details, the wishes and vision of both the entire space and each room separately,

as well as the composition of the rooms. ​


4) We are developing a planning layout

As a rule, these are 3 options, but the exact number will depend on the possibilities of space.

We don't make plans only for quantity - in the process of work we think over many options, but we present you the most successful and comfortable for life, we do not want to waste your time looking at disadvantages of

a large number of solutions, this is the task of a professionals.

After that, we discuss each option and assemble the final one based on the proposed ones. ​


5) Concept

We again return to the questionnaire and references, and here we are already interested in capturing the mood of the interiors that you like in more details, understanding the color scheme and materials, style and features.

We will explore your examples and offer a more detailed concept from our side,

which will apply to the agreed planning solution. ​


6) 3D visualization

We develop realistic images of each of the rooms, but we send you the entire apartment or house as a whole. We adhere to just such an approach, because it is important for us to carry out the work as a whole. An apartment or a house is a single space and, working on each room separately, there is a risk of getting a set of rooms with different atmosphere and design. Experience and comparison of different approaches told us that such work is the most comfortable for everyone.​


7) Development of drawing documentation and specifications.

At this stage, we will disturb you to discuss electrical plans, as the location and number of sockets and switches is a matter of individual comfort.

After that, we will "transfer" visualizations into convenient drawings for you and builders and shop assistants.

This will allow you to implement the interior according to the project, purchase real materials and furniture in the indicated places with an understanding of the article of each item.


Project deadlines


Depends on the area and complexity of the project and the current workload.



For area up to 100 m2 - 3-4 months

For area up to 200 m2 - 4-5 months

For area up to 500 m2 - 6 months

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