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Deep colors
Area 66,2 sq.m.

Project year 2022
Implementation stage

From a compact 3-room apartment, we need to make the same 3-room apartment, but much more functional.

Because apartment is in the old building, there was a separate tiny kitchen, a separate very small bathroom and lavatory, and, of course, a separate living room with 2 bedrooms.


We almost kept the same rooms, but added much more comfort for the family on the same area: we legalized the organization of the opening between the kitchen and the living room, thereby uniting these 2 zones. The kitchen turned out to be of full size, a window sill was used as a working area and a bar counter was made.


This made it possible to move the dining table to the living area.


According to the wishes of the clients, we made a combined bathroom, using an impractical corridor for it: now there is a place for a bath, a shower, and even a closet for a washer-dryer.


A dressing room was organized in the bedroom, the area of ​​​​the room allowed it to be done and storage became much more convenient. The children's room is still waiting for its owner, so neutral calm colors and prints were chosen for its design, which will suit both a girl and a boy.



Customers don’t mind about the introduction of color into the interior, and there are shades of deep emerald and blue tones in both furniture and decoration.

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