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Area 80 sq.m.

Project year 2023
Implementation stage

Functional and cozy duplex apartment in Wroclaw.


Despite the not big area of the rooms, every piece of space turned out to be functional in terms of practicality and “delicious” in terms of design.

Contrary to the classic approach of using light colors to enlarge the space, we decided to take a more complex but effective path, which was prompted by the deep and bold color preferences of our customers. The interior has many complex shades of green, which harmoniously resonate with the terracotta range, and it, in turn, is a linking element in the interior.

Each room is filled with pieces to look at and thoughtful zoning and storage solutions that are relevant to our customers.

Children's rooms turned out to be as functional as possible and at the same time not overloaded since zoning works with interesting design techniques and thoughtful furniture solutions.

Besides, we would like to stop at a small corridor and a staircase area on the 2nd floor. Often such spaces are neglected and perceived as walk-through rooms, but in this case, a zone with a console and stylish lighting is a separate accent and point of attraction in the interior.

We believe that every space has a role to play and should be a balance of aesthetics and functionality.

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