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Area 32 sq.m.

Project year 2020

Implementation year 2022

The customer had a desire to make a thoughtful hallway area, place only the most basic storage and

make the interior light and spacious even for a small room.


In the main area of ​​the hall, we decided to make several functional areas, because the area is rather big,

and there was no need for additional rooms. It was decided to make storage for the rest of the outerwear and shoes,

and change the stairs to a lighter version (there was an old wooden staircase in the house).


We also used the space under the stairs for hidden storage. And you can see a seating area next to the window.


Here you can sit down in the evening with a book, waiting for one of the family members or just enjoy a cup of coffee.


A long wall with many doors was camouflaged with panel, mirrors and decorative lights, so as not to attract attention to the doors and avoid the effect of the "trailer".

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