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Area 43 sq.m.

Project year 2021
Implementation stage 2021-2022

Project for a young family. Initially, the apartment had a free layout, but as often happens -

the smaller the area, the more tasks.


A particularly important wish was the organization of comfortable and big workplaces at home for remote work

(for 2 people) and the separation of a sleeping area. Both wishes and compromises were voiced to the bedroom area at the same time: it may not be behind a solid wall, but it should not be a bed behind a shelving partition next to the sofa,

the area should be isolated.


In the kitchen, it was fundamentally important to have a dining table

(either folding, or enough to accommodate at least 6-8 persons).


The bathroom from the developer was small and because we wanted to start the repair and move in a very short time, we decided to try to place everything we need without increasing the dimensions of the room, so as not to waste time on redevelopment approval and additional work. At the same time, the bathroom should be very functional: from a shower room to a boiler and a washer-dryer with storage places.

But the presence of a dressing room was not mandatory, there was only a request to make the cabinets not so noticeable, built-in if possible.


And another detail: there are many plants in the house, and there is only one window sill,

and even that one is narrow. We should look where to place them.


What was done ?

 Working place of 2.5 meters, an isolated bedroom behind a glass partition and a curtains, if you need to hide this area. We solved the problem for the bathroom from the developer (in the best traditions, there was supposed to be only a 40 cm washbasin, a mini-sized bathroom and no washing machines). We managed to provide enough storage space, as well as a comfortable kitchen.


It was possible to single out the living area as an autonomous, without frequent compromise,

"a sofa in the kitchen with a table in front of it."


Besides we can see a good place for plants, and the radiator near the dining area was cleverly hidden. 

Basic colors and textures are found in decoration and cabinet furniture, but they were combined with deep accents in upholstered furniture and textiles, which can be easily replaced (in a few years the apartment is planned for rent or sale,

and therefore the interior should be transformed without much effort into suitable for everyone).

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