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Area 66,2 sq.m.

Project year 2022
Implementation stage

The project is made in warm and enveloping colors. The whole interior is built on a combination of natural textures and shades, which makes it not only beautiful visually, but also tactilely special and pleasant.


The layout of the apartment made it possible to keep a spacious kitchen-living room and 2 bedrooms, adding a functional utility area in the hallway and a spacious dressing room in the bedroom. The future children's room has so far been adapted into a workplace and a guest room.


A special place in the apartment is the bedroom. The family adheres to the principle of a minimum of technology in the bedroom, so instead of the usual TV on the wall we see a different story here. In this interior, the bedroom is not only a place to sleep - it is a place of relaxation and cozy evenings. Therefore, in this room we thought of a spacious shelving for the library of customers and memorabilia, and next to it is a comfy chair that invites you to sit down.


Closer to the window is a comfortable and well-lit place with a dressing table and a mirror for the make up or beauty routine.

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