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Tallinn Apartment
Area 55 sq.m.

Project year 2023
Implementation stage

The project in Tallinn cannot be called standard from the design perspective.

Some of the finishing was already ready, and the customers also wanted to keep some of the furniture. The most difficult part was linking to the existing electrical wiring on the ceiling and partly along the walls. Despite serious limitations, we managed to create a stylish interior and think through many technical details so that this was not noticeable in the design. The project turned out stylish and with strict touches.

The bedroom design is softer and more enveloping, this is directly related to the function of the room.
A special accent here was the art on the wall instead of the typical TV. 
This is not the first time our customers have refused TV in the bedroom, and we agree that it is very important in our time when we are constantly surrounded by appliances. With this solution, the room is truly filled with an atmosphere of relaxation after an active day and noise. The choice of the theme of the painting is also not accidental: it greatly supports the view from the window in this beautiful apartment in Tallinn. 

By the way, the art is not just part of the visualization - to ensure that the project is implemented down to the smallest detail, we even share the contacts of the artists who realize our ideas and the implementation will convey the entire atmosphere of the project down to the smallest detail.

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