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Warm and deep
Area 48 sq.m.

Project year 2022
Implementation stage

The project of a spacious kitchen-living room for a family.
The customers preferred to see accents in the interior, but at the same time they carefully approached their choice: the accents should be placed in such a way that, if i
t’s needed, they could be replaced with a different tone, or vice versa, create a soft interior. Therefore, we settled on a neutral base and added deep blue in textiles and upholstered furniture.


One of the interesting moments in our layout solution is the hidden “laundry” area.
Since the apartment has a very small bathroom, and the pre-finishing was already done (what means that serious changes are not allowed), placing the washing machine in the kitchen area was almost inevitable. From our side, it was important to think over its location, so that all this household area should be isolated from the kitchen. That’s why a hidden and spacious utility closet appeared.


Also, the area made it possible to place a spacious table combined with a kitchen island, which added even more functionality to the kitchen and became its main element.

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